Equality of All People

All Nevadan's, no matter their race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or ability level – should be treated equally under legal guarantees.

Voting Rights

The right to vote is a fundamental American right that must not be denied to any eligible voter. I support automatic voter registration for citizens turning 18 years of age, or any eligible adult upon obtaining a Nevada driver's license or state identification - unless the voter declines to participate.


The economy should work for every Nevadan, not just for the rich and powerful. There is no reason why a person who works full-time should still live in poverty. Every Nevadan who seeks work should be able to find work.

When elected, I will strive to attract businesses that provide living wage paying jobs to our state. I will push for Nevadans to be the first who are hired.

As a small business owner, I support and encourage other small businesses to be created and survive in Nevada. Our state must make the process of business creation smooth and remove roadblocks that prevent Nevadan's from owning their own businesses. The state should be in the business of creating business and not discouraging entrepreneurs from achieving their dreams.

We must create a backup for our state economy by diversifying jobs in various industries. We must harness the natural resources of this state, such as wind, solar and minerals - create jobs in these industries to ensure Nevadan's can weather economic downturns.

Equal Pay

All Nevadans, regardless of their age, gender or race must be paid equal for equal work done. Income disparities based on gender, age or race is against the civil rights of citizens.  


All children, regardless of who they are and where they live, must have access to quality k-12 education. If our kids must compete in the 21st century job market, we must invest in their quality education and provide the necessary resources to the educators who are delivering their education.

This generation of college students should have access to affordable college; they should not enter the workforce burdened with decade’s worth of debt. Students should feel encouraged to pursue higher education, not deterred because of financial concerns. When elected, I will explore all available means to fund competitive students' college cost, in preparation for the competitive realities of the global marketplace. Our workforce should be academically equipped and skilled to accept jobs coming to the state.

Banks and financial institutions must understand colleges are not grounds for business and predatory lending - this practice must end saddling citizens with debt for decades. It is fundamentally wrong to profit from the young who dream of contributing to our society. The state of Nevada should make such practices impossible.

Health Care

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. All Nevadans, must have access to affordable healthcare and nobody should be denied the care they need, regardless of their health history or any other attributes. Nobody chooses to be sick. Families should never have to face financial crises due to sickness.

Child Care

Affordable childcare is an important element in building a strong economy. Working families should not have to choose between providing necessities for their families and paying for quality childcare. Paid time off from work to care for sick family members equates to creating and strengthening a healthy economy for our state.

Government Accountability

Efficient government is a government that is accountable. I strongly believe in increasing transparency and accountability of our state government. It is the right of citizens to know and understand how their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent. Accountable government results in less waste, fraud and abuse as it aims to maintain public trust.

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